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We have a Collective!

Houston Creative is a collective of several directors, motion designer and music producers collaborating and working together. If you are interested in our works please write us directly.

We have a Solution!

Film & commercial directing accordion-plus accordion-minus

Directing TV and Online Ad, small and large feature films

Motion Grapics accordion-plus accordion-minus

Adding visual effects – mainly computer-generated imagery (CGI) which is then composited into the frame. VFX, Animation, Character animation, Character Packshot, Emotive videos, Explainer videos, Promotional videos & UI Animations.

Music & Sound Production accordion-plus accordion-minus

Music Composing & SFX for ad and movies.

Video Post Productions accordion-plus accordion-minus

Editing the video content of the film, television and social media. Making Case Study, Pre Roll, TV AD, Musci and Short videos.

Creative Writing accordion-plus accordion-minus

Ad Campaing; Graphic Design; Ideation & Script consultancies. Creative services & soulution.

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