Like for Life – Red Cross campaign to promote CPR courses

Clio Awards 2015 – Digital Technique, Silver

Cresta Awards 2015 – Direct Marketing, Bronze

Hipnózis 2015 – Digitális & mobilmegoldások – Közösségi média – Silver

Every day 70 people die in sudden heart attacks in Hungary. Red Cross is regularly organizing courses to teach emergency heartmassage, also known as Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, CPR. The more people knew this method, the more people would have a slightly bigger chance to survive a sudden heart attack. So we advertised the CPR courses of Red Cross for the younger audiences.

The Challenge

Only 10% of the population know how to do CPR.

CPR saves lifes. Can we show it without cheesy dramas for young people?

The Solution

Saving a life is easier than you think

We used a characteristics of Instagram – you like photos by double tapping them. And a like is symbolized by a heart appearing on the picture. We created short animated videos in which a silhouette of a person has a heart attack, after which it is indicated to “like” the photo, and make the silhouette’s heart complete. The 13 secondlong little demonstration is wrapped up with our message. Look for the CPR courses of Red Cross.

The Results

The number of Instagram followers has increased by 66%. 37K people took the exam. 2127 more than in the same period last year.
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