Phantom Love Syndrome – Music Video

Magyarklipszemle 2018: Best Animation, shortlist

“Phantom Love Syndrome is a dream image of love without any real basis. The video and the album-trillogy reflects this emotion.” The footage shot in the Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas game were created by plugins and modding supplements that modify the original game, such as CamHunt, Camera for GTA San Andreas, etc. This video doesn’t produce me any income. All videogame footage has been created with traditional screen capture technology. The rights of the textures, 3D and graphic elements are reserved by Rockstar Games. I only used them for artistic purposes, without the intention of breaching these these copyrights.

Film & Music by: Peter Polgár

Camera: Dávid Gajdics –

The “Phantom”: Anna Erzsébet Mihályfi

Hair: Mazsola Szabó –

Special thanks: Umbrella Budapest

Case Study Reel 2016 – 2018

Award winning ideas and case studies for Café Communications, Isobar, HPS Group and Mediator agencies.

Post Productions, Animation, Sound and Music design: Peter Polgar.

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